Where we started


Lead vocals- Jam-Jam Ruiz
Lead guitar/vocals- Chokoi Pasagui III
Rhythm guitar/vocals- Mckoy Al-ag
Drums- Janpoy Fortich
Bass guitar/vocals-Beam-beam Longakit,Jr.


Up and coming artists break into music business in many different ways. But with 1017, flooding the airwaves with their carrier single CHARING culled from their self-titled debut album – makes a whole lot difference to a different kind of rock.

Fire starters

1017 is a Davao-based quintet rock band formed in 1998 by a group of Davao Central College students. The band’s trademark includes their original rock novelty songs and the style of providing comic relief to their listeners.

Al-ag brothers Jam-Jam Ruiz on lead vocals & guitar, Mackoy on vocals & guitar and their childhood friend Janpoy Fortich on drums came from Davao Central College. Band names came from Fatal Pandesal to Sonic Playground. Few years later, friends from the other band joined the group Beam-beam Longakit Jr. on bass & vocals and Chokoi Pasagui III on guitars & vocals. 

The band remained active in their musical efforts and started writing songs. Then the band then decided to change band’s name to “Flight 1017” which was relevant to the “The Proclamation 1017” -- the current environment when they were reforming and giving birth to a new stage for the band. The Proclamation 1017 which was eventually shortened to its current state as "1017" was easier to remember.

Indie scene

 The band’s strategy to show off more of their songwriting to their fellow Davaoeños, introducing audience to their brand of what they referred as novelty rock—the indie scene was their home ground. 

Few steps to stardom the stint gave the whole band a name for them which prompted to launch their debut album called “Slot Machine.” The album included their original songs such as Textmate, Nobena and Seloso

Their jokes, silly antics, and outrageous performances paved way to the journey that they currently enjoy. The group had successfully performed at provincial concert tours, school invasions, TV & Radio guestings and shared stages & live performances with notable acts of the national bands like Sandwich, Bamboo, Shamrock, Parokya ni Edgar and Up Dharma Down and made their gigs at famous bars in Davao City. 

Eventually, EMI Phils signed them up as contract artist in June 2007 and to release their debut album which holds the notable song CHARING and the rest was history.

Funnier, entertaining brand of rock

The band created the song CHARING in Feb 2007 and easily attracted the ears of the mainstream radios in Davao City.  The song easily climbed up to number 1 where it lasted there for three weeks. That paved their way to a major exposure in Metro Manila. Their first TV appearance was at ASAP on Channel 2 delivering their first single in June 2007.

CHARING—1017’s original and trademark song hailing from their hometown Davao—the band has produced the song’s Bisaya-Tagalog and Bisaya version that have flooded the local radio charts. This song tells a story of a guy who fell in love with his text mate which he found out belongs to the third sex. The song’s handles a memorable chorus which goes “Charing, niloko ako ng bading…”

Both reached occupied number 1 slot at 90.7 Love Radio charts for seven consecutive weeks. This only proves another twist of this fickle minded industry that 1017 is braced to dominate the charts with their songs shadowed from real-life stories and humor with rock.

Self-titled debut album of the band was released in July 2007 with a complete package of humor and rock. Other titles of the album are BERTING, TALK TO PAPA, ROTNIBUR, NOBENA, I.BUN, SANA, ATOMIC BOMB, SELOSO, TXTMATE, AMBOY.


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